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The Vasburg Armory


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Welcome to vA

vA Button Welcome to the website of The Vasburg Armory [vA], a European GW2 guild exclusively dedicated to Guild Wars 2 by Arena.Net and recruiting players of all languages and nationalities. Being a true EU PvX guild we play World vs. World as well as Structured PvP and PvE. Please make sure you have a registered forum account as some of this website's features are linked to our forums' database.
If you are interested in joining us, please read the About Us and Codex sections first.

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Switching Servers: Back To Gandara.

 posted by Vindicare
Without going into the details of our decision, we have moved our guild from Aurora Glade to Gandara. By doing so, we are taking advantage of A.Net's free transfer window that is still open but might be closed any day.

Suffice to say, Aurora Glade did not meet our expectations, as especially the non-human higher tier zones appeared to be completely deserted while WvW still had long waiting queues, as our server was home to a major Russian WvW alliance.

So we are back to Gandara, our Home World during beta and runner-up in our server poll. Please adjust your accounts accordingly (character selection > bottom left there's a button).

Aurora Glade It Is.

 posted by Vindicare
After months of headaches over the question on which Home World (server) to play, and weeks of monitoring the EU servers and their popularity rankings, we have finally completed our guild poll.

And even though Gandara looked like a sure winner for most of the time, the winner is Aurora Glade. One major reason being that Gandara simply has become too popular - somewhat becoming the new "It-"server.

Aurora Glade, on the other hand, offers all what we were looking for:
  • A high population, yet not one of the Top 3 servers; Gandara simply has become too crowded, threatening us with overflow zones, WvW queues and guild members not able to select it in the first place

  • One of the highest ratios of English-speaking guilds and players

  • And of course: A beautiful server name

However, this choice is still not our ultimate decision, as we will closely monitor server populations and tidings during the free transfer period. Once A.Net announces that free transfers will come to an end, we will reevaluate the situation and decide whether Aurora Glade is going be our definite Home World.


Final List Of GW2 EU Servers Announced.

 posted by Vindicare
Today, Regina Buenaobra has announced the final list of Home Worlds (i.e. servers) for release. From the list we have have known already, three servers have been removed: Umbral Grotto, Lakeside County and Boreal Station. These have been replaced with new [ES], [FR] and [DE] servers.
Here is the complete list:
    Fissure of Woe
    Ring of Fire
    Far Shiverpeaks
    Whiteside Ridge
    Ruins of Surmia
    Seafarerís Rest
    Piken Square
    Aurora Glade
    Gunnarís Hold
    Jade Sea [FR]
    Fort Ranik [FR]
    Augury Rock [FR]
    Vizunah Square [FR]
    Kodash [DE]
    Riverside [DE]
    Elona Reach [DE]
    Abaddonís Mouth [DE]
    Drakkar Lake [DE]
    Baruch Bay [ES]

And while we're at it: No, vA has not officially declared for any server, yet. Like so many other guilds we're still on the fence, with Gandara only being our Home World for beta testing.

Link: Introducing the Worlds of Guild Wars 2


New Website Section: Compendium

 posted by Vindicare
As you might have noticed, there is now a new menu item called Compendium. While we are fully aware of the fact that everybody and their brother uses the official GW2 Wiki to quench their thirst for information, doing so is still a scavenger hunt.

We try to pre-select important topics to give clean overviews and aggregated information, so that the whole picture of GW2 mechanics becomes clear.

The Compendium starts off with presenting the basic concept of GW2's combat, which is built around three pillars: Damage, Support and Control. Furthermore we provide a map of Effects as well as in-depth indexes of Boons and Conditions.

Milestone Reached: The Vasburg Armory Now Counts 30 Members

 posted by Vindicare
Today we have accepted our 30th new member, roughly two months after re-launching the guild. It does in fact feel a lot longer than that. And given that we only had our forums (and one BWE) to meet each other, that's certainly a good thing.

Initially, this was supposed to be our secret target number where we would close recruitment until GW2 is released. But seeing how so many great individuals with interesting personalities have joined this guild, this seems rather irresponsible. So we will continue recruiting just a little longer than originally planned.

We want to thank everyone who has put their trust into our guild thus far and those who transformed our forums into the lively hub they are. Especially those early adopters who did so, when there was literally less than a handful of us. So the very special thanks are reserved for Magnamundian, Jinxsy, Artin T., Stranger and Captain who all joined within one week after vA re-opened its gates.

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