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Switching Servers: Back To Gandara. Vindicare29.08.2012 @ 16:54[edit]
Aurora Glade It Is. Vindicare24.08.2012 @ 09:40[edit]
Final List Of GW2 EU Servers Announced. Vindicare15.08.2012 @ 10:23[edit]
New Website Section: Compendium Vindicare12.08.2012 @ 02:12[edit]
Milestone Reached: The Vasburg Armory Now Counts 30 Members Vindicare15.07.2012 @ 17:23[edit]
Guild Wars 2 Will Be Released On August 28th Vindicare28.06.2012 @ 18:04[edit]
Second Stress Test Vindicare21.06.2012 @ 23:13[edit]
20 Members And A Temporary Server Move Vindicare09.06.2012 @ 11:27[edit]
Beta Weekend Preview Vindicare05.06.2012 @ 20:26[edit]
Next Beta Weekend Starting On June 8th Vindicare29.05.2012 @ 18:33[edit]
This And That Vindicare28.05.2012 @ 16:31[edit]
Reserving Your Character Name For Guild Wars 2 Vindicare18.05.2012 @ 20:08[edit]
Gandara Is Our Server For GW2 BETA Vindicare16.05.2012 @ 03:08[edit]
Welcome To Our New Members Vindicare12.05.2012 @ 11:28[edit]
GW2 Surprise Stress Test on Monday! Vindicare10.05.2012 @ 20:28[edit]
Problems With Accessing The Join Form Vindicare08.05.2012 @ 19:29[edit]
Time to open the floodgates Vindicare05.05.2012 @ 22:18[edit]
They named a server after us Vindicare30.04.2012 @ 23:22[edit]
List of EU Servers Released Vindicare27.04.2012 @ 00:47[edit]
Guild Wars 2 on the Social Media Front. So are we. Vindicare25.04.2012 @ 00:32[edit]
First Beta Weekend Event Incoming! Vindicare23.04.2012 @ 21:22[edit]
Guild Relaunch Planned Vindicare23.04.2012 @ 21:02[edit]

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